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Enterprise AI demonstrates a fresh understanding and deep insights into intricate datasets by empowering our clients to uncover, analyze, and visualize patterns and relationships within their data repositories.

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In-depth analysis and prediction of Austrian economic indicators


For comprehensive company insights and optimization


Precise B2B customer segmentation and potential analysis


ensures ideal candidate-job alignment

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Our AI-generated information finds applications in diverse areas, ranging from process and energy optimization to supply chain monitoring and predictive analytics.

Our references and partners

  • bds421
  • FFG
  • Knowledge Graph Lab Tu Wien
  • Sofware Competence Center Hagenberg

Our Team

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The Genesis of datAInsights

At datAInsights, we believe AI empowers businesses to understand complex data and make optimal strategic decisions while maintaining ethical standards.

Our mission is to leverage the latest insights and advancements in AI research to help our clients unleash the full potential of their data. Specializing in cutting-edge AI technology, we provide efficient solutions for interpreting and visualizing large datasets, while prioritizing fairness, accountability, and inclusivity.

  • Prioritize Trust
    Ensuring every piece of information is transparent and comprehensible.
  • Offer Deep Insights
    Providing a comprehensive view on your data.
  • Deliver with Efficiency
    Facilitating real-time, precise decisions.

Core Values

Our commitment

Our commitment extends beyond technical solutions and encompasses the values that define us as a company. We embrace the three pillars of sustainability and take pride in providing solutions that help our clients optimize their business processes, gain competitive advantages, and operate sustainably.

Our values

We foster a culture of innovation and learning, dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers and employees. Our core values—integrity, customer orientation, innovation, sustainability, collaboration, respect, excellence, accountability, and openness—shape our work and relationships with stakeholders.

Our goals

Our long-term goal is to be a leader in our industry, creating sustainable value for our customers. We firmly believe that with datAInsights, businesses can enhance their competitiveness, increase profitability, and position themselves as responsible actors in our society. Our vision is to create a better and more sustainable world through effective data utilization. That is why we are datAInsights.

Our vision

At datAInsights, we envision a world empowered by AI – where advanced technology isn't a privilege but a universal resource, accessible to all. Our vision is to democratize AI, making it a reliable and indispensable tool for businesses and individuals alike, fostering a future where AI-driven decisions are synonymous with sustainability, efficiency, and ethical practices.

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